Reality TV Production

From singing shows to award ceremonies, our brands and technologies help power amazing audio quality in programs for the reality TV market. Our solutions for Reality TV production offers truthful audio capture, integrated multi-track recording,  high-quality processing and mixing, to loud yet transparent speaker systems for use on stage or at front-of-house location.
Offering studio quality sound on-location or on the road making the entire production sound richer and natural with high-fidelity and wide dynamic range for onward transmission and broadcasting needs.


Brands we use for your solution

Live Sound Production & Digital Mixing Systems

Designed with direct input from the mix engineers and processing power that can be  customized for a stage production to accommodate to your clients’ needs, Avid VENUE mixing console systems make it easy to mix and record any type of stage production. The system is integrated with Pro Tools which makes it easy to record and archive shows and recreate the sound of a recording using the plug-ins.



Designing microphones with amazing sound, exceptional consistency and outstanding reliability is no easy feat, but DPA Microphone has paved the path to achieve this excellence with their range of microphone for live performance. Ranging from Instrument Microphones for different musical instruments to Headset microphones to sing and speak with no distortion and handheld microphones, we are equipped to pamper the performers and give them the best sounding performance with the least effort from them and their engineer.


Stage & Audience loudspeaker systems

When it comes to touring sound deployment, a speaker system must have the following necessary qualifications: neutral sound, light compact cabinets and a rigging system that is safe, easy and swift to install. This fit the shoe of a d&b Audiotechnik system. They can be remotely controlled from a single point using their remote network software – R1 together with their state-of-the-art amplifiers. The modular design of their systems allows full acoustical, mechanical and electrical compatibility. We offer d&b audiotechnik system with a 5 years warranty.


Audio & Network Cabling

Van Damme cables have been powering audio systems for live gigs from the biggest stadiums to small venues, they design and build cables specifically around the customer base to ensure that the signals that are received and sent from system to system are preserved to the best quality possible.


Audio Plug-ins

World leading signal processing technologies from industry leaders like Waves, Sonnox, McDSP and Neyrinck caters to a variety of applications from music recording & mixing to feature-film mixes in immersive audio formats of today.

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