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Cross platform control app for Zone series

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Accessed via the browser on any device on any platform
  • Control for all connected sources in all zones
  • Presets and time of day routines
  • Access all functions for complete system set up including EQ, routing, ducking, limiting and more
  • Customisable zone and input naming


Bars/Restaurants & Cafes


Wedding Venues


Education Facilities

Houses of Worship

Corporate Offices


Fitness Studios


The Optimal Audio WebApp brings the technology behind the Zone series to the end user.

Traditionally, the control and operation of commercial sound systems has been a complicated inconvenience to many users, who just want the system to work. WebApp and ZonePad coupled with the Zone series puts effortless and intuitive control into their hands.

The WebApp has been carefully designed to bring the essential functions and daily operation of your sound system to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. With slick touchscreen-optimised controls, WebApp is designed for ease of use on any device.

The responsive and intuitive interface lays out the fundamental controls in a clean, accessible format with the deeper, lockable layers for system configuration available for integrators and system commissioners.

Zone specific and global presets for manual and time of day triggers.

Complete system configuration can be achieved through the WebApp with ducking, EQs, limiters, advanced signal routing and more.

WebApp also allows for the system configuration files within Zone series products to be saved and easily replicated across multi-site installations.

Hosted by the Zone series, there’s no installation required – just open a browser on a smartphone, tablet or laptop connected to the same network, enter the address and you’re in.


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