Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade Up-ofc Overall Braid Multicore

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Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade is an analogue audio multicore range specifically designed to survive the harshest touring conditions and other high stress environments. It is tried, tested and trusted in the live touring field by audio professionals both for its durability and its sonic fidelity.

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Live sound touring multipin cables from 4 – 48 pairs. Remote stagebox systems. Installation use where a braided overall screen offers a significant advantage over having pre-jacketed pairs – e.g. in a hazardous environment or deteriorated ducting. Any longer length multicore and multipin application where frequent rigging and de-rigging occurs. Presentations use where a neutral jacket colour is required.

Part Nos. & Description

Part NumberDescriptionOverall Diameter (mm)Max. Reel Length
268-104-000Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 4 pair multicore9.60500m
268-108-000Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 8 pair multicore12.30500m
268-112-000Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 12 pair multicore13.00500m
268-116-000Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 16 pair multicore14.50500m
268-124-000Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 24 pair multicore17.20500m
268-132-000Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 32 pair multicore19.00500m
268-148-000Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 48 pair multicore22.80500m

Mechanical Specification

Conductors28 x 0.10 mm bare ultra-pure oxygen-free copper
Conductor size28 x 0.10 mm, 0.22 mm2, AWG 24/28
Screen type24 µm Aluminium/Polyester Foil >150% coverage
Clear polyester overwrap
Drain wire19 x 0.12 mm tinned ultra-pure oxygen-free copper
Overall Construction
SeparatorSoft tape
Overall braidTinned copper wire, < 80% coverage
Jacket materialFlexible PVC composite, Jet Black RAL 9005
Bend Radius10 x overall diameter

Electrical Specification

ResistanceConductor< 90 Ohm/km
Insulation> 5000 MOhm/km
CapacitanceCore to core
Core to screen
81 pF/m
160 pF/m