d&b xC-Series

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The 2-way passive xC-Series column loudspeakers are elegantly engineered to provide effective, discreet solutions for acoustically challenging environments.

xC-Series. Key facts

  • Passive cardioid column loudspeakers for installation applications
  • Adjustable vertical aiming of HF array in 24C loudspeaker
  • 24C-E column extender increases vertical dispersion control of 24C


All xC cabinets feature high intelligibility, remarkable directivity control, even off/axis frequency response and full bandwidth cardioid dispersion pattern. The incorporated 4” drivers radiate through waveguide elements at the front and damped ports at the rear of the cabinet. The resulting cardioid dispersion pattern minimizes interference caused by wall reflections in the low and mid frequencies. Eliminating cancellations, reducing the stimulation of the reverberant field, and increasing gain before feedback results in Democracy for Listeners even in the most acoustically challenging of venues. Two continuous rails at the rear enable the loudspeakers to be fitted as close and parallel to the wall as possible. With the xC-Series available in black or white as standard or specially colour matched to interiors, the d&b columns guarantee minimal visual disturbance.