Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel

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Developed in collaboration with engineer / producer Eddie Kramer, the Kramer Effects Channel Plugin emulates the processing chain he used on classics by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.


Eddie Kramer on the Guitar Channel: “The Guitar Channel plugin features settings for lead guitars and two types of rhythm guitars. When it comes to lead guitar, I want it to become a living, breathing organism, creating a palpable sense of excitement within in the mix. By combining the right amounts of EQ, compression, delay, reverb, and a touch of flange, these 5 elements, working together, make it come alive. For rhythm guitar, I try to get it ‘in your face’ as much as possible, without over-processing the sound with EQ. By adjusting the amount of compression, and not overdoing the amount of space, I make sure that the guitar stays up front, where it belongs.”


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