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The industry’s most popular plugin bundle, with over 35 essential audio plugins that bring a wealth of mixing and mastering power to your studio.


The industry’s most popular plugin bundle, Gold brings a wealth of mixing and mastering power to your studio, including many of our most sought-after plugins such as the legendary L1 Ultramaximizer, C4 Multiband Compressor, H-Comp, and H-Delay, as well as key newer additions such as Vitamin Sonic Enhancer. With compression, EQ, reverb, and more, Waves Gold contains all the essentials you need to take your mixes to the next level. List of included plug-ins:

  1. AudioTrack
  2. C1 Compressor
  3. C4 Multiband Compressor
  4. DeEsser
  5. Doppler
  6. Doubler
  7. Enigma
  8. GTR3 Amps
  9. GTR3 Stomps
  10. GTR3 ToolRack
  11. GTR3 Tuner
  12. H-Comp Hybrid Compressor
  13. H-Delay Hybrid Delay
  14. IR-L Convolution Reverb
  15. L1 Ultramaximizer
  16. MaxxBass
  17. MetaFlanger
  18. MondoMod
  19. MV2
  20. PAZ Analyzer
  21. PS22 Stereo Maker
  22. Q10 Equalizer
  23. Renaissance Axx
  24. Renaissance Compressor
  25. Renaissance Equalizer
  26. Renaissance Reverb
  27. S1 Stereo Imager
  28. SuperTap
  29. TrueVerb
  30. UltraPitch
  31. V-Comp
  32. V-EQ3
  33. V-EQ4
  34. Vitamin Sonic Enhancer
  35. Waves Tune LT


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