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Created with electronic duo Infected Mushroom, Pusher is an innovative multiband sonic enhancer and limiter/clipper designed to push your tracks to the max.


As a music production professional, there are certain things you just can’t live without: A good room. Good mics. Good monitors. Good music. And Waves.

You need versatile mixing tools that bring out the best of each and every performance. You need the warm, incomparable sound of vintage compressors for punch and power. You need precision-modeled EQs that add color and character. And you need state-of-the-art mastering processors to give your projects that final shimmer and shine.

You need Waves Horizon.

List of included plug-ins:

  1. AudioTrack                
  2. Bass Rider                
  3. C1 Compressor                
  4. C4 Multiband Compressor                
  5. Center                
  6. CLA Guitars                
  7. CLA-2A Compressor / Limiter                
  8. CLA-3A Compressor / Limiter                
  9. CLA-76 Compressor / Limiter                
  10. DeBreath                
  11. DeEsser                
  12. Doppler                
  13. Doubler                
  14. eMo F2 Filter                
  15. eMo Generator


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