JJP Strings & Keys

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Created in collaboration with iconic producer / mixing engineer Jack Joseph Puig, JJP Strings and Keys Plugin emulates the processing chain Jack used on hits by Green Day, John Mayer and Keith Urban.


Jack Joseph Puig on JJP Strings & Keys: “When I’m dealing with strings and keyboard parts, in general I want them to be radiant and beautiful. I want to shape the tonality to fit what the song needs to be, so when it comes out of the speaker, it’s on another level. With JJP Strings & Keys, it’s set up so you can really follow your instincts, to bring out the complexities in your keyboard parts and orchestrations. You might want to use some delay and make it wider, or add a little air for a more ambient feel. Sometimes you’ll want it dry and in-your-face. Whatever I do, it has to serve the song.”


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