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    RX Elements (v8)

    9,930 7,620 Excl. GST (8,992 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Includes a standalone audio editor with spectral editing, as well as four essential, real-time noise reduction plug-ins to fix clipping, hums, clicks, and unwanted background noise. Repair Assistant analyzes your audio and provides solutions to quickly correct the most common issues.

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    Thunderbolt Cable, 2M

    5,330 4,797 Excl. GST (5,660 Inc. GST @ 18%)
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    Music Production Suite 3


    Every step of the workflow

    Enjoy Music Production Suite 3, featuring Ozone 9, Neutron 3, Nectar 3, and RX 7—plus one year of tutorials from Groove3, along with stereo reverbs R4 and NIMBUS. Cover your workflow, from audio to repair, to vocals, to mixing and mastering.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹2,264/month
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    Thunderbolt Cable, 5.5M

    19,800 17,820 Excl. GST (21,028 Inc. GST @ 18%)
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    Neutron Elements

    9,930 2,230 Excl. GST (2,631 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    The modern way to mix

    The completely new Neutron Elements is the easiest way to get your feet wet with all the tools Neutron has to offer—and add some serious power to your plug-in collection. It’s the easiest, most intelligent way to bring unrivaled quality and speed to your mix.

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    RX 8 Standard


    RX 8 is a complete toolkit for audio cleanup and restoration needs. Instantly polish guitar recordings, rebalance your mix and create stems, remove distracting hum with the redesigned De-hum, and surgically fix dialogue and music performances using the editor or plug-ins.

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    RX Post Production Suite 5


    RX Post Production Suite 5 features iZotope’s most intelligent tools for post production—RX 8 Advanced, Dialogue Match, Neutron 3 Advanced, Nectar 3, Melodyne 5 essential, Insight 2, RX Loudness Control, Relay, Symphony 3D, Stratus 3D, and Tonal Balance Control 2, plus bonus tutorial videos from Groove3.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹2,264/month
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    RX 8 Advanced


    RX 8 Advanced continues to be the industry standard audio repair tool to restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition. Get full control over your audio, whether it’s restoring high-end frequencies for streamed dialogue, or removing dialogue reverb—all in multichannel up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹2,264/month
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    The Babyface is smooth on the outside for looks and feel, but has the balls inside: latest 192 kHz AD- and DA-converters, two reference class microphone preamps, SteadyClock – analog circuit design, features and function are truly RME – we wouldn’t give our newborn anything second class!

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹2,458/month
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