BaseTwo25 system

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Powered low-frequency extension system with 2 x bass extension towers and 2 x 900W amplifier


Another step forward…

Modern music is increasingly bass-intensive. To pack the maximum amount of energy into the lowest octave – with no surprises in the playback – a sound engineer needs to hear and feel throughout the whole frequency spectrum.

BaseTwo25 low-frequency extension system fits equally well in any composing, mixing, or mastering setup, where correct reproduction and appreciation of the lowest octave is critical. Amphion’s innovative approach to low-frequency monitoring provides producers, sound engineers and artists with a completely new perspective to the base.

The BaseTwo25 is a state-of-the-art monitoring solution converting any Amphion two-way studio monitor into a full-range, time and phase coherent, three-way system. These full-range towers extend all the way down to 20Hz. Each BaseTwo25 has 2 x 25 cm woofers (top) and matching 2 x 25 cm radiators (below) mounted in back to back force-canceling mode on both sides of the cabinet. The system is driven by 2 x 900W amplifier, and controlled by Amphion’s signature filtering module with a variable-level attenuator.

In addition to providing tight, tuneful bass, BaseTwo25 improves midrange clarity and increases the midrange power-handling abilities of the paired monitors. This is achieved by gradually transferring the low-end frequencies from the monitors to the base extenders.


  • Perfectly integrated time and phase coherent, three-way system, extending all the way down to 20Hz.
  • Extremely robust 25 cm (10”) woofers with matching 25 cm passive radiators mounted in back to back force canceling mode on both sides of the cabinet.
  • Driven by 2 x 900W amplifiers housed in a 2U rack chassis and a stand-alone 1U filtering module with variable-volume control.


Operating principle
One-way, passive radiator

10”aluminium woofers with 10″ passive radiators

Crossover point
100 Hz

Frequency response
20 – 100 Hz ±3dB

Power rating
2 x 900W RMS, 4 ΩW

70 kg (154 lbs)

Handmade in Finland

X-Over Specs

BaseTwo25 X-over ConnectionsDynamic range
115 dB

Input voltage 230/115V

2x Neutrik XLR inputs

Speaker connectors
3-way binding posts (banana, bare wire or spades)

19” rack mountable (2U) high quality aluminium

CE, EuP and Energy Star

5,5 kg (12 lbs)

Assembled in Finland

Amp1000 Specs

Amp1000 ConnectionsOutput power
2 x 900 W RMS into 4 Ω @ 1% THD

Frequency response
10 Hz – 65 kHz (-3dB)

@1 W: 0,003% (100 Hz) @100 W: 0,006% (100 Hz)

Dynamic range

Operating voltage range
75 – 264 VAC

7 kg (15.5 lbs)

Assembled in Finland


BaseTwo25 Connectivity




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