Avid S3 Dock Link

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Attach Pro Tools | S3 to Pro Tools | Dock

Easily and securely attach Pro Tools | S3 and Pro Tools | Dock together into one linked control surface. The Avid S3 Dock Link plates easily attach to the underside of your S3 surface, enabling you to connect your Dock right alongside it. Simply set the Dock into the link bracket and notches for a secure hold that won’t budge during normal mixing use, but can be easily uncoupled at any time.

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If you are using the Dock along with an S3, you can use the Avid S3 Dock Link kit to attach them to each other. The Link kit lets you attach the Dock to the left or right of S3 to keep them stable and aligned. You can install the Link Kit at any time.


 Avid S3 Dock Link plates
 Magnets and screws
 Welcome card

Installing The S3 Dock Link Kit

Collecting the Required Items

Installing the Link Kit requires the following additional items that are not included in the kit:

  • #1 Phillips screwdriver.
  • A padded surface large enough to be able to place the S3 face down.
  • Two blocks to set the S3 on during installation. Both blocks should be at least 1-inch wide, 1-inch tall, and 8-inches long.

Getting Started

To begin, unpack the contents of the Link Kit and then prepare the S3 for installation.

To get started installing the Link Kit:

  1. Decide how you want to arrange your Dock and S3 (Dock to the left of S3, or to the right of S3).
  2. Unpack the Avid S3 Dock Link bracket and other components, shown in the following figure.
  3. Turn the S3 over and slowly set it face down on a padded surface, being careful not to let the unit drop (this could damage the encoders and faders). The following is recommended:
  • When turning the S3 over, orient it so that its back panel (with ports and connectors) is closest to you. If the front (with head- phone level control) is closest to you, the left and right sides will be reversed relative to when the unit is facing up.
  • We strongly recommend using blocks placed at both ends of the unit when facing down, similar to the figure below, to prevent the unit from resting on its encoders and faders.Instead of blocks, you can also use the foam packing included in the original S3 package.
Instead of blocks, you can also use the foam packing included in the original S3 package.

Installing the Spacer Plates

To install the S3 Spacer Plates:

  1. Take one of the Spacer Plates and remove its adhesive backing.
  2. Making sure the adhesive backing is oriented towards the S3, align the holes in the Spacer Plate with the two fasteners on the underside of the S3, and attach the Spacer Plate to the left or right of the S3 as shown below.
Two Spacer Plates are included so that you can attach one to both the left and right sides of S3 to simplify re-arranging the units.

Attaching the Foot Bracket

Next, attach the Foot Bracket to the front corner of the underside of the S3. The figures below show the Foot Bracket being installed to have the Dock to the right of the S3 (when turned right-side up for use). If you want the Dock to the left of the S3, the basic steps are the same. The Foot Bracket is reversible and can be attached to either side of the S3.

To install the Foot Bracket:

  1. Using a #1 Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws indicated below, as appropriate for which side you want the Dock.
  2. Attach the Foot Bracket to the S3 by orienting it as shown below.
  • Place the hole in the Foot Bracket over the foot of the S3 as shown below, then align the bracket with the receiver holes for the screws you removed previously.
  • Secure the Foot Bracket to the S3 using the included M3 x 12mm fasteners.
If you have a case in which you pack your S3 for travel, or if you expect to alternate which side you want to have the Dock, you do not need to secure the Foot Bracket to the S3 with fasteners. Just keep in mind it can fall off when lifting the S3.

Installing the Link Plate

The Link Plate is held magnetically to the underside of the S3.

To install the Link Bracket:

  • Orient the Link Plate and align its pins with the holes in S3 as shown below (1 in Figure 6), then place it against the underside of the S3 (2 in Figure 6).
The bracket is magnetic and requires no fasteners to attach it.

Attaching the Dock to the S3

With the Foot Bracket and Link Bracket attached to the S3, you are ready to turn the S3 back over and attach the Dock.
To attach the Dock to S3:

  1. Turn the S3 over so it is once again facing up.
  2. Bring the Dock next to the S3 on the side where you installed the Link Kit, and line up the front foot of the Dock with the re- ceiving hole on the Foot Bracket.
  3. Set the Dock down so its front foot rests in the Foot Bracket, and its notches are seated fully on the on the short pins and blocks of the Link Plate.