AL90 loudspeaker

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Augmented arrays

Medium format 2-way augmented array loudspeaker

  • Components 2 x 10″ LF driver, 1 x 1.4” exit compression driver with 3″ coil
  • Dispersion 90° x 30°
  • SPLmax 139 dB
  • Weight 23 kg / 51 lb

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The AL90 is an augmented array loudspeaker for medium scale sound reinforcement. When the AL Flyingframe is used, up to four cabinet modules can be flown in vertical columns producing a 90° constant directivity dispersion pattern in the horizontal plane. The AL90 can also be applied as horizontal array of maximum four loudspeakers using the AL Flying adapter.  The AL90 loudspeaker module is a passive 2-Way design housing two x 10″ neodymium LF drivers and one 1.4″ exit HF compression driver with a 3″ diaphragm mounted to a dedicated wave shaping device and a passive crossover network. The wave segments of each cabinet couple without gaps and sum up coherently. Variable splay angles between adjacent cabinets can be set in a range of +/- 10° in 5° increments resulting in a total coverage of 50° up to 70° for two cabinets, up to a maximum of 150°per array. All components are arranged symmetrically around the center axis of the cabinet to produce a perfect symmetrical dispersion pattern. Broadband horizontal dispersion control is maintained down to approximately 370 Hz. The cabinet is constructed from marine plywood with an impact and weather protected PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish. The front of the loudspeaker cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill backed by an acoustically transparent fabric.


The d&b D20 and 30D amplifier can both be used to drive the AL60.

Architectural specifications for detailed project planning

Do you require architectural specifications? For a d&b system or a specific d&b Series? Here are the most important technical specifications ready for download.