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The AVID S6L’s gain sharing feature is outstanding!

“The AVID S6L’s gain sharing feature is outstanding and the finest available. It’s completely transparent and it’s as simple as plug and play, no worry about initial gain setup and the two engineers can work with ease without stepping on the other’s toes.”

I really like the AVID S6L surface layout.

“I really like the AVID S6L surface layout especially the tiles feature in the centre screen and the ability to be either in full input or full output or full VCA mode. The detachment of the console from the display make mixing more hands on and I don’t have relying on the mouse for it.”

The Y-Series system is absolutely fantastic!

“The d&b Audiotechnik Y-Series system is absolutely fantastic and very easy to use. The best part is that it delivers crystal clear sound all across the room. ANSATA’s team have been absolutely wonderful, the passion and knowledge that they have for sound is evident in the work done with the new system at our Church.”

Rigging the system is an experience!

“d&b Audiotechnik has ensured that rigging the system is an experience that’s not just super easy, thanks to the easy rigging workflow that allows us to hoist the system right out of the box; but also absolutely flawless since the software prompts you the moment you’re going wrong with the rigging process.”

We chose d&b Audiotechnik!

“We chose d&b Audiotechnik because we knew that none of the other brands could even come close to the kind of dexterity and sonic purity that these products deliver. Plus, almost every d&b product has always been far superior and way ahead of its time. We started off with the Q-Series rig, and progressed on Read more about We chose d&b Audiotechnik![…]

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